5 Essential accessories for your cell phone!

Accessories for your cell phone – Today’s cell phones have certainly come a long way from the original models. The rapid technological evolution equip them with many powerful resources, making them necessary devices for daily life. In addition to keeping people connected to their family, friends and co-workers, cell phones allow them to access the Internet, listen to music, take photos, manage their e-mails, and streamline their work. It’s no surprise that most people can not live without this device.

While cell phones can be used immediately when out of the box, most people choose to add accessories to customize their phones, and optimize their features and capabilities. This guide will talk about five accessories that will not only allow one to customize your phone, but also make using the cell phone easier and more convenient.

accessories for your cell phone


Most cell phones already come with a charger after purchase. This is known as a wall charger, and that is the most common type of charger there. While some people are content with this charger, it is important to know that there are other types of chargers available in the market, with other more advantageous features. We can cite as examples the following types below:

  • Car Charger: u m car charger lets you charge your cell phone while driving. It is often connected to the accessory jack or car cigarette lighter socket. This type of charger is useful for people who are always on the road. It is also a practical accessory for busy professionals who travel a lot with their car, coim types that differ mainly in their speed of charging the phone. All types allow you to use the phone while the battery is being charged;
  • Docking station: Docking station, comes with a base unit that keeps the cell phone standing and a USB cable that connects to a computer or laptop to charge the phone. Table chargers are not exclusively for cell phones. They can also be used for other electronic devices, such as digital music players. One disadvantage of this type of charger is that you can not use the phone while charging;
  • USB Charger: u m USB charger lets you charge your cell phone via a USB cable. To use it, you only need to connect one end to the phone and the other end to the USB port of a laptop or a PC. This type of charger is a great alternative for those who do not have wall chargers or access to an electrical outlet;
  • Green charger: are those that make use of renewable energy to charge the phone. This is a good choice for those who are aware about the environmental impact, and want to do their part in conserving energy. Examples of green chargers are solar powered chargers, crank chargers, and bicycle chargers;
  • Emergency Charger: c emergency arregadores are typically used when you need to make an emergency call. They do not carry the mobiles completely, but they give enough battery power for several minutes of talk time. These chargers usually require AAA batteries to work.