What is the best cell phone protective film?

Applying the screensaver (no bubbles)

There are many methods for screen savers, from the steam room method to the credit card method and the classic patience. Although many swear that their methods are the best, I recommend going against them. Unless the product guide prescribes the use of such procedures, it is best to keep your new screen protector away from liquids, as the minerals in tap water will leave debris between the screen protector and the phone and the adhesive will go deteriorate.

cell phone protective film

The key to applying a bubble free screen saver is patience. It is also imperative that you apply the protector immediately after purchasing your device, as even scratches can produce tiny blisters. Here’s how the most efficient process is done:

You will need:

  • Credit card, club card, gift card, etc .;
  • Microfiber cloth;
  • Screen cleaning solution;
  • Clear tape / Transparent Durex.

– Configure your workstation. If you have a clean, non-slip mat, place it on its surface to prevent your phone from moving while you apply the protector. Finally, wash your hands with soap and water to remove any dirt or lotion.

– Cleaning. Using a screen wiper and microfiber cloth, wipe the screen, eliminating even the last grain of dust. Avoid touching the screen.

– Remove the sticker protection from the screen protector. And hold along the edges. You can start from the top or bottom of the device, but a good rule of thumb is to start with the end, which will require a more precise alignment. Once you have aligned the shield, align it with the screen, following with the credit card to push out all the bubbles.

– Ending the air bubbles. If there are any apparent bubbles, there are two possibilities: your screen is already scratched or there is a dust attached to the protector. If that is the case, use a piece of transparent tape to lift the screen protector and another to remove the dust from the adhesive side. Then reapply the shield using the method described in the previous step.

Note: some protectors already come with this application kit and even cleaning. Prefer these because they are usually also the best models.

Protection for the whole cell phone or just for the screen?

For the body of your cell phone, prefer the purchase of a sturdy cover . The protective plastic wears the adhesive very fast and loses the utility easily when it is not only used on the screen. The combination screen + cover is the best possible for greater durability of your device.

Share in the comments the movie models you like best and why. We and other readers want to know how to find the best models on the market.