Best portable phone charger – Are you looking for a charger to recharge your smartphone? Whether you’re looking for a charger with adapter, loose charger, or docking station. On you will find the right charger for your mobile phone.


Because the batteries of smartphones often last longer than one day, charging your phone becomes more and more important. We deliver chargers of all kinds, sizes and brands, because we think you never have enough chargers. One in the bag, at work, in the bedroom and one next to the sofa in the living room. It’s convenient to have a charger nearby because we all want to be continuously accessible today. Are you not as entrepreneur as easy to reach? The chance is that a potential customer is already because you could not handle the phone. Additional chargers are therefore of great importance.

Our range includes wireless chargers, car chargers, powerbanks, magnetic chargers, travel chargers and much more. For the home, for office, for on or off at school we have the ideal charger.


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What does the amount of amps mean for phone chargers?

Telephone and Tablet chargers all give an output voltage of approximately 5V. However, the current strength that chargers can give varies. The current that can maximize a charger is indicated in Amperes (A) or milliAmperes (mA). Chargers with a current of around 1A (or 1000mA) are seen as standard charger. Chargers that give a current of 2A (2000mA) or more fall under the fasteners. Most tablets can only be charged with a quick charger. The power strength that a charger gives is always mentioned in the description.

The best brands of phone chargers

In our online webshop you will find a large collection of the best brands of phone chargers. Popular brands like Samsung , Nokia , LG , HTC , Sony , Apple , Nillkin , Xiaomi and many other brands are represented within our wide range. Below are the logos of the respective brands. If you click on a logo you will find the page of the chargers of those brands.