Solar charger for always charging

Solar powered phone charger -For more and more devices, we depend on power supply, because they all need to be charged to the charger when the battery is empty. With a solar charger, a so-called solar charger, no power is required. A few hours in full sun and you can use your mobile phone for a while. Sunlight is thus transformed into solar energy with such a charger, it is almost impossible to grow greener.

Charging or fully charging in a short time

Some models are included with battery. A solar panel ensures that the sun can be charged in the battery. A little good battery solar charger has been fully charged in no time.

solar powered phone charger – The battery capacity ranges from 500 to 3000 mA, this latter charger is even suitable for other small devices such as digital cameras, iPods, GPS, smartphones, portable game computers, etc. A charger with a lower mA is more suitable for loading your equipment.

The difference with net chargers is that you do not need power and yet can provide your device with enough power with a battery solar charger. Indicates whether the charger is charging or ready.

Sometimes the solar charger can also be charged with a USB cable, just like other USB chargers . This can be useful at dark days.


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Convenient options for a pocket-sized solar charger

The solar charger is in bag size and fits into each bag and can therefore be taken anywhere.

Some solar chargers are fitted with straps, which make it easy to attach to your bike, bag or tent. Super handy, because they are always in full sunshine.

Also included cushions for the solar panel are practical, the battery can then be disconnected without removing the solar panel from its place.

There are also solar chargers that carry a holder that is attached to your car windshield, and on average, a lot of sun is on your car.

Accessories like different cables or plugs make it possible for any mobile or other device to be used. There are also solar chargers that use an existing USB cable.

Use everywhere

Are you going on a holiday, for a festival or for a cycling vacation, there is not always a power supply. For example, go to a festival to find a wall outlet. With a solar charger you always have your energy at hand.

Especially on holiday in warm countries, your phone is so full. But also in our frogland there is regular sunlight available. The solar charger does not necessarily have to be set outside, he also charges in the sunlight behind glass.

If you do not have a lamp, some solar chargers have enough light on the lamp.