• Open Circuit Voltage ( Voc ): 9.3 Volts
  • Maximum Power Voltage ( Vpm ): 8 Volts
  • Maximum Power Current ( Ipm ): 260mA
  • Short Circuit Current ( Isc ): 273mA
  • Polycrystalline solar cell to power an appliance, light, small motor, or battery

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Product Description

1.93W Solar Panel To Power Cell Charger DIY-UV Treated Surface and Durable Weatherproof Back PCB Board

Use this solar panel to power a convenient appliance with free green energy from the sun.

Polycrystalline solar cell to power an appliance, light, small motor, or battery
UV treated surface and durable weatherproof back PCB board
Assembling needed and no wires included

Dimension: 6.3 x 4 inch / 16 x 10 cm
Open Circuit Voltage ( Voc ): 9.3 Volts
Maximum Power Voltage ( Vpm ): 8 Volts
Short Circuit Current ( Isc ): 273mA
Maximum Power Current ( Ipm ): 260mA
Power: 1.93W
Working Temperature: -10 deg C to +60 deg C

Package Includes:
1x Solar Panel


Nowadays people are moving around with cell phones, are not they? And sometimes the battery does not last all day … The best solution is to use a portable charger to ensure that your smartphone stays on even when there is no outlet nearby. But when it comes to choosing a charger, you have to do a lot of research so you do not risk ruining your phone, see!

You need to keep an eye on the charge capacity, which is measured in mAh. It shows whether or not the charger can fully charge the battery. It works like this: if the battery of the phone has a capacity of 3.000 mAh, the charger must have at least 3,000 mAh also to have a full charge. If the charger has 6,000 mAh, for example, then it can offer two full loads. Now, if the capacity is 1,500 mAh, then you can only charge 50% of the battery.

Another important detail is the power, which is measured in W [SPEAK WATTS]. Pro mobile if charged, it is necessary that the electric current coming out of the battery is greater or equal to the charging power of the smartphone, ok? If it is smaller, the cell phone will not charge! This mAh and W information is in the manual or in the box.

And to facilitate, look at this tip!

Portable batteries lose their useful life over time, meaning they lose performance and load capacity. To make the charger last longer, just recharge the device when the power is completely finished. Oh, and do not forget to turn off your cell phone when recharging so you do not waste battery power!

The Hard Bank has 2 models of chargers, the Power Bank AS 802 (pictured), which is designed to allow you to stay connected anywhere, with 6600 mHa, has a USB port 2.1A and 1A, which allows simultaneous charging of two devices and features an LED emergency flashlight.

Tips for increasing the battery life of your phone

In addition to these acimas tips that will not diminish the usefulness of your device, there are others that are a little more aggressive but that allow an even greater battery saving.

  • Switch off the device when you can not use it: in cinemas, flights, meetings or times when you can not use your device, leave it unplugged. If you get calls or messages during this time, you will know the text messages from your service provider when you switch the phone on again.
  • Turn off the phone where there is no signal: In cities in the interior where there is no signal, the phone basically transmits at higher power to try to find an antenna. If there is no signal, turn off the phone and save battery power.
  • Turn on airplane mode if you do not need to receive or make calls: often you need to work on the phone but do not need external connections. Turn on airplane mode right now and your battery will last longer.
  • Say no to multimedia features: playing, listening to music, watching movies, and various other fun items on the phone spend a lot of battery power. If you can not charge the phone, avoid draining the battery with this too!