• ? [UNIQUE DESIGN] Power bank made from 100% genuine cowhide surface leather with purely handmade.Each piece of natural leather has its own veins and pores, so the texture of each product you receive is unique.
  • ? [HIGH CAPACITY&COMPACT VOLUME] 8000mAh capacity charges your phone up to 3 times and iPad mini 1 time.The compact design external battery cell phone allows you to bring it along in your jean pocket,handbag, backpack.More durable and convenient for the everyday commuter or traveler.
  • ? [SECURITY&SAFETY] Built in power bank external battery management provides nine types of protection including: surge protection, short circuit protection, temperature control and more advanced safety features.The intelligent circuit protection will guard against overcharging, overflowing, as well as excess discharge.
  • ? [LED SMART ALERT] Power display allows you to accurately keep track of remaining power in your Power Bank.While the compact external battery charger indicator lets you know when to recharge next power Indicator Lights, each of the 4 blue LEDs indicates 25% of the battery is charged.
  • ? [UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY] Cell phone battery bank Suitable for any device which can charge by USB

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Product Description

8000mAh Cell Phone Power Bank Portable USB Charger, Icarercase Universal Compact Genuine Leather Surface Leather External Battery for iPhone, iPad, Android and Other Smart Devices?Brown?

ICARER Genuine leather 8000mAh portable power bank
Inspired by classical life,unique design taste.
With perfect combination old art and engineering design,leather has the uncompatiable nice touch feeling,faint vintage leather fragrance,brief and smart overlook,creating the elegant and elastic taste of leather portable power bank.There is no other synthetic materials or cold still metals that can be duplicated the special warmth and classical charming of the leather.

Smaller and More Compact
In such a compact package, but enough power to keep you going for days. Perfect for flights, traveling, business trips, or any time you’re away from an outlet. 

High Capacity High-Speed Charging Technology Superior Quality
Charge your Apple or Android smart phone 3-4 times or iPad mini to 1 times while on the move.We use only premium Li Polymer battery cells, together with the most advanced materials and cutting-edge technology, to ensure complete safety.With a charge input of 5V/1A,ICARER Portable Power Bank fully charged in about 6-10hours.With a charge output of 5V/2 A,your smart cellphone fully charged in about 0.5-2hours.

Convenient LED Indicator
Built-in 4 LED indicators displaying battery percentage and charging status. 

Material?Vintage Leather
Weight:238g with package (N.W:183g)

1.When the product power indicator light goes out, that the product power shortage, the need for timely charging.
2.When fully charged, please unplug the output cable of the power supply in time to avoid the power loss.
3.Please use qualified and quality assurance of adapters to charge the power bank.
4.Store in cool and dry place.

How to choose the best portable battery charger for smartphone

Load capacity

The millimeter-hour (mAh) battery specification indicates the maximum amount of power your loads can receive. In this way, the higher these values, the greater the capacity of their loads. So the first thing to keep in mind before buying a portable battery is to see if the total values ??of your charge exceed the capacity indicated on the phone’s battery.

Battery power

It is important to choose a portable battery that has a power output power, indicated by the values ??specified in Watts (W), equal to or greater than the charging power of your smartphone.

If the electric current coming out of the portable battery is less than that needed to charge the gadget, the device will not charge. However, the higher the value of this current, the faster the battery can be recharged.

The service life

Remembering the power loss of the external battery when transferring your mAh amounts to smartphones, it is important that your users also evaluate their charge cycle. Also known as a useful life, this cycle can be calculated by comparing the mAh values ??of your portable battery capacity with the mAh indication on the device’s battery specifications.

5 tips to increase the battery life of your mobile phone

The most current gadget is powered by lithium-ion . They are quite different from batteries used in older devices, such as nickel-cadmium , and some procedures that help extend the life of older batteries may have the opposite effect on newer technologies. See five tips for your cell phone’s battery not to leave you in the hand with little time to use.

If you are going to charge the phone at night, remove the
Most smartphones today are smart enough to stop powering the battery when the charge reaches 100% , so there’s no need to worry about that. But if you go to sleep with a cell phone in the socket, it’s a good idea to take off the hood: lithium-ion batteries are extremely sensitive to heat and the measurement can increase their life.

Do not store the battery empty.

An empty battery is unstable, and can cause serious injury if it is taken out of the drawer after one or two months of use. Ideally, you store your battery with about 40% of the charge . It tends to lose something between 5% and 10% of the energy stored each month spent in idleness, a security rate good enough to prevent explosions when it is put into the power outlet.

Do not let yourself beat 0% or 100% frequently

Modern batteries do not like extremes. Ideally, if possible, always carry it from 40% to 80%. A full recharge cycle is exhausting and the battery life is shortened.

Make small daily refills

Contrary to what most parents think, the lithium-ion batteries used in modern cell phones do not suffer from memory problems like their older relatives, those of nickel-cadmium. That is, they will not hook up at 80% if you do not have time to leave the phone in the socket until it reaches 100%. On the contrary, small daily recharges , which keep the level above half, help increase battery life.

Do not use the fast charge mode

Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to heat and sudden variations in electrical voltage . They prefer everything to happen slowly and always. The fast charging option available on some Android devices , therefore, can even break a branch from time to time, but it is very harmful to the health of the device.