• ??360 Degree Rotation?Our Magnetic Phone Holder with unique round shape makes it possible to adjust phone’s position to 360 degrees. You can find an ideal position and keep your eyes on the road.
  • ??Powerful Magnetic Force?With producing circulated magnetic field, it makes the holder stably hold your phone even on a rugged road, no chance of dropping off.Note: Please stick the mount on the smooth dashboard, and it will hold the phone stable even on bumpy and curvy roads.
  • ??Wide Compatibility?Our car phone holder can securely hold most smartphones, even with most cases. Including iPhone 7/6s/6 /5s/4s, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Nokia, and others.
  • ??Simple Installation?Provides a choice of an inner (large) and outer(small) metal plate. The small plate can be directly placed on the case or phone using the adhesive backing, or you can place the large plate between your device and its case and it is easy to remove off.
  • ??Secure Driving?No wobbling, no slippage-this phone mount can firmly hold your phones in place while driving. You can keep your eyes on the road which ensures safe driving.

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Product Description

Car Phone Holder, Magnetic Mount YKZ Universal 360 Rotation Magnetic Car Phone Mount Holder Metal Car Dashboard Sucker Cell Phone Stand Holder for iPhone 6, 6S, SE, 6 Plus, Note 3, 5, Galaxy S5 (Grey)


1.100% brand new and high quality.
2.This Universal Sticky Magnetic Car Mount Holder,is perfect for holding your digital product onto car dashboard.
3.Super compact size, without blocking your sight.
4.Super strong magnetic,easy to put on and take down,safe and convenient to drive.
5.With shaped base and magnetic piece.
6.Magnetic piece strongly stick to the antirust ball shaped base and other ferric stuff.
7.Small size,space-saving.
8.360? rotation,free height and angle adjustment

1.Recommended Use: for iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus and other smart phone,GPS,Pad
2.Type: Car Mount/Holder
3.Mounting Location: Car Dashboard
4.Mounting Type: Magnet
5.Features: Adjustable Angle
6.Color: Black Silver Gold Grey Sticker

Package Included:
1.1pcs*YKZ Magnetic Smartphone Holder
2.2pcs*Mental plate(1 small & 1 large)
3.2pcs*Crystal Stickers

Every YKZ Product includes a 45 days money back & 18-month worry-free!

Solar Mobile Phone Charger: How to Choose Yours?

-Weight and size: at first all chargers are portable, but it is good to know if it is really lightweight and does not take up too much space. If the size or weight is disproportionate, there is a great risk that you will abandon the use of the device.

-Price per power generation: It is very important to know the power capacity of the charger and to realize how much you are paying for it. This means that not always the cheapest charger will be the best option.

-The need for your device: Some phones and smartphones need more power than others. If the chosen charger is not able to deliver this power, the time to recharge may become unfeasible.

10 Tips for Better Use of Your Mobile Phone Memory!

Since I had my first smartphone back in 2005/2006, my problems with memory of the handsets were constant. Just be the memory to run programs or the memory to store files, run out of space and even in cases where, suddenly, the cell phone hung out of nowhere, they were very common with me.

These problems continued to appear over time. Due to my disappointment, I restored the configuration of my phone to factory and loaded with applications again. It even worked, to the point where it slowed down again and I had to do the whole process again. That’s when I did not use the whole memory before.

Like what we already know, smartphones are found almost everywhere, and they range from basic models to the top of the line. As time goes by, they all slow down and the memory gradually gets busy. This is why you should keep your phone clean in both RAM and physical memory by following the simple tips.

  • Constant Updates

Update your phone software regularly. It fixes some bugs, firmwares and some lags. In some cases, it may even take up less space in the physical memory of your device.

  • Factory Settings

Make a backup of your entire device and return it to the factory settings. Performing this tip erases everything and brings your phone back to a new condition. Back up your contact lists and other important information before performing this tip.

  • Choose your apps well

Uninstall any unused applications. We often download several applications, but few actually use them. Delete some of these that you do not use as it helps to ease memory consumption.

  • Restart your phone

When the device experiences delays and slowness, restart it. Somehow, it helps, even being a temporary option.

  • Root on your device

Valid for devices with Android operating system. With root, you can uninstall the modifications made on Android by the operators and the useless programs that come in the set, optimizing not only the memory but the speed of your device.

  • Applications to optimize memories

In all application stores there are at least 10 programs to optimize the use of RAM and / or physical memory of your mobile device. Choose the ones with the best rating and optimize your device.

  • Organize your apps

Reduce the number of home screens by creating folders for your applications and leaving only the ones you use most frequently in view.

  • Monitor applications separately

Each application consumes an X amount of RAM and physical memory from your device. See which ones are taking up more space and make sure you can get rid of them.

  • Back up your music and photos

Send music and photos to your computer or an online storage service and be free of precious storage space on your device.

  • Buy a microSD card

You can buy a microSD card if your device has an entry, thus freeing up memory space on your smartphone. Remember to check the compatibility of your device before.

  • Bonus: buy a new cell phone

Did you do all of that and your cell phone is still slow or out of memory? So it’s time to buy a new cell phone to meet your new needs. Just be careful not to spend too much or mess up your resources.