• ?Universal Compatibility: This cell phone holder is compatible with almost all cellphones and phone case, such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android Smartphones and more. (Notice: Please use it after 24 hours after applying)
  • ?360?Rotation & 180?Flip: The flexible joint and invisible spindle make the ring to rotate smoothly, 360? or 180?, landscape or portrait mode at your disposal, giving you ultimate flexibility to view your phone from any angle.
  • ?Sticky & Reusable: The high-viscosity 3M adhesive makes the finger ring holder attach to your device to provide a secure grip; it also can be washed, reused and adjusted to find the optimal position, no sticky residue left after detaching.
  • ?Multifunctional Use: It can be used as phone stand to watch TV, grip to hold your phone without dropping, car mount to drive safely, hook to hang things and more creative usage. It is fairly convenient for your life.
  • ?100% Guaranteed Purchase: Comes with 5 pieces of complimentary hooks to be car mount! 12-month replacement/full refund warranty is available, any problems, please contact us without hesitation.

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Product Description

?Great Gift?Cell Phone Ring Holder, Bestfy 4 Pack Magnetic Phone Grip Kickstand, 360? Rotation, Water Drop Shape, Zinc Alloy Finger Ring Stand for iPhone, Smartphones (With 5 Car Mount Hooks)

Durable Material
Made of zinc alloy, it is pretty durable and comfortable for daily use.  

How to choose the best portable battery charger for smartphone

Load capacity

The millimeter-hour (mAh) battery specification indicates the maximum amount of power your loads can receive. In this way, the higher these values, the greater the capacity of their loads. So the first thing to keep in mind before buying a portable battery is to see if the total values ??of your charge exceed the capacity indicated on the phone’s battery.

Battery power

It is important to choose a portable battery that has a power output power, indicated by the values ??specified in Watts (W), equal to or greater than the charging power of your smartphone.

If the electric current coming out of the portable battery is less than that needed to charge the gadget, the device will not charge. However, the higher the value of this current, the faster the battery can be recharged.

The service life

Remembering the power loss of the external battery when transferring your mAh amounts to smartphones, it is important that your users also evaluate their charge cycle. Also known as a useful life, this cycle can be calculated by comparing the mAh values ??of your portable battery capacity with the mAh indication on the device’s battery specifications.

Tips for increasing the battery life of your phone

In addition to these acimas tips that will not diminish the usefulness of your device, there are others that are a little more aggressive but that allow an even greater battery saving.

  • Switch off the device when you can not use it: in cinemas, flights, meetings or times when you can not use your device, leave it unplugged. If you get calls or messages during this time, you will know the text messages from your service provider when you switch the phone on again.
  • Turn off the phone where there is no signal: In cities in the interior where there is no signal, the phone basically transmits at higher power to try to find an antenna. If there is no signal, turn off the phone and save battery power.
  • Turn on airplane mode if you do not need to receive or make calls: often you need to work on the phone but do not need external connections. Turn on airplane mode right now and your battery will last longer.
  • Say no to multimedia features: playing, listening to music, watching movies, and various other fun items on the phone spend a lot of battery power. If you can not charge the phone, avoid draining the battery with this too!