• Transforms car or boat CD player slots into a convenient mounting point, a 360 degree angled head for easy support, viewing angle
  • Easy installation, no need tools to mount your Smartphones in your car and play CD simultaneously.
  • Securely fits everyday CD slots without adhesives, screws or suction caps.
  • Easily fits devices without removing their cases. 360 degree swivel head for perfect, hands free control.
  • Adjustable clamp to hold your mobile phone firmly, but it allows you to mount and dismount easily. – Secure Protection: Tight gripping corners and back ensure your phone stays secure in the mount.

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Product Description

High Quality CD Player Slot Car Mount Phone Holder Dock for T-Mobile HTC One M9 – T-Mobile LG G Flex – T-Mobile LG G Stylo – T-Mobile LG G2 – T-Mobile LG G3 – T-Mobile LG G4

If you are tired of cheaper car mounts and constantly removing and replacing your device’s case, and would like a premium, super secure, easy to use mount for the perfect hands free viewing angles, our Universal CD Slot Mount is the perfect choice. Secure Protection: Tight gripping corners and back ensure your phone stays secure in the mount. Versatile Viewing: 360 degree rotation and ball-in-socket design allows you to get the perfect viewing angle.

How to choose the best charger and cable for your smartphone

1) Choose the correct charger:

This is simpler. Each charger comes with a label or inscription informing the current in amperes ( A or mAh ) and the voltage in volts (V) .
The voltage should always be 5V and the current must be at least 2A or 2000mAh . Below these values, generally, will be little for any current appliance. The maximum is usually 3A or 4A .

2) Cable selection (USB, MicroUSB, etc)

It does not look like it, but this task is just as important as choosing the charger. And it’s usually a lot more complicated than it sounds. First, because the difference between a quality cable and an inefficient cable is not always “visible”. Second, store sellers (virtually everyone) can not tell which cable is the best, and therefore end up making only brand recommendations or assumptions.

Tips for increasing the battery life of your phone

In addition to these acimas tips that will not diminish the usefulness of your device, there are others that are a little more aggressive but that allow an even greater battery saving.

  • Switch off the device when you can not use it: in cinemas, flights, meetings or times when you can not use your device, leave it unplugged. If you get calls or messages during this time, you will know the text messages from your service provider when you switch the phone on again.
  • Turn off the phone where there is no signal: In cities in the interior where there is no signal, the phone basically transmits at higher power to try to find an antenna. If there is no signal, turn off the phone and save battery power.
  • Turn on airplane mode if you do not need to receive or make calls: often you need to work on the phone but do not need external connections. Turn on airplane mode right now and your battery will last longer.
  • Say no to multimedia features: playing, listening to music, watching movies, and various other fun items on the phone spend a lot of battery power. If you can not charge the phone, avoid draining the battery with this too!