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  • NEW MAGNETIC CAR AIR VENT MOUNT: This reinforced magnetic car mount vent comes with 3 adhesive metal plates attach your phone firmly in place, regardless of road vibrations or impacts.
  • POWERFUL MAGNETIC MOUNT: It has a sturdy rubber base and powerful magnetic head. This Universal magnetic holder with 4 powerful neodymium magnets produces an intensive force of attraction that will securely hold any smartphone, including Android,iPhone,Samsung Galaxy,HTC,LG,iPod,GPS,etc.
  • 360?ADJUSTABLE BALL HEAD: 360?rotatable swivel head which you can swivel at different angles for an optimum viewing angle (horizontal or vertical) no matter how much swiveling or rotation you do. Your smartphone will always remain in your preferred position.
  • STABLE & FIRM CONSTRUCTION: Magnet car phone mount comes with a spring loaded clip that grabs hold of the vent and 2 legs that stabilize the phone and keep it from slowly creeping downward.
  • QUALITY & ENVIRONMENTAL-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Made from quality aluminum alloy and strong ABS material is sturdy enough to use for a long time. 100% SATISFACTION 365-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Just buy with confidence!

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Product Description

Kuelor Magnetic Car Mount Air Vent Holder with Fast Swift-Snap Technology for iPhone X/8/8 Plus /7/7s Plus,Samsung Galaxy s8/s7 edge,Nexus 5X/6P,LG,GPS and More

Kuelor Magnetic Car Mount Air Vent Holder-A must-have of your car

1)Hassle-free Cradle-less Magnetic design,one hand mounting system
2)360 Degree Rotation: Full 360 degree rotation ball joint head for multiple angles – Vertically or Horizontally. Allows you to find perfect viewing angle with one hand.
3)The spring loaded vent clip is perfect and easy to use. It can be installed, adjusted, or removed very quickly.
4)The clip that holds it to the air vent is strong and will not allow the mount to slip off like other air vent mounts. The support arms on this mount do a great job of keeping your device from pulling down.

We are so sure you will love Kuelor Magnetic Car Phone Mount, we will give you a 365-day warranty for any issues whatsoever by refunding your money or sending you a new replacement. No Questions Asked!

How to choose the best portable battery charger for smartphone

Load capacity

The millimeter-hour (mAh) battery specification indicates the maximum amount of power your loads can receive. In this way, the higher these values, the greater the capacity of their loads. So the first thing to keep in mind before buying a portable battery is to see if the total values ??of your charge exceed the capacity indicated on the phone’s battery.

Battery power

It is important to choose a portable battery that has a power output power, indicated by the values ??specified in Watts (W), equal to or greater than the charging power of your smartphone.

If the electric current coming out of the portable battery is less than that needed to charge the gadget, the device will not charge. However, the higher the value of this current, the faster the battery can be recharged.

The service life

Remembering the power loss of the external battery when transferring your mAh amounts to smartphones, it is important that your users also evaluate their charge cycle. Also known as a useful life, this cycle can be calculated by comparing the mAh values ??of your portable battery capacity with the mAh indication on the device’s battery specifications.

Nine tricks to make your phone’s battery last longer

Does your cell phone battery always end up when you need it most? And when there is no outlet close by to carry it? Does your portable charger ever let you down?
Despite some advancements, making a battery last longer is a challenge for the telephony industry.

While they are looking for solutions, we have put together a series of quick adjustments that you can make on your phone to make the battery pay more.

1. Adjust the screen brightness

The brightness of the display of your device has a great impact on the battery consumption. Decrease the brightness and keep it as low as possible in a way that is still comfortable to read.
To do this, go to Settings or settings >> Screen or brightness, depending on the type of mobile you have.
You can also turn off the “auto brightness” option, since it may be optimized to be at a very high brightness level.

2. Turn off vibrate mode

Letting the cellphone vibrate along with the beep or when in silent mode consumes a lot of battery power. It is a useful function for anyone who does not want the cell phone to ring. But if you do not need it, it’s best to turn it off. To do this, go to Settings and Adjustments, and then click Sound.

3. Reduce screen lock time

Much of a battery’s life is consumed with the use of the home screen. So, the less time your cell phone takes to darken the screen, the more it saves battery life.
To check this, go to Settings >> General >> Automatic lock. Then select the shortest possible time.

4. Disconnect wi-fi and bluetooth connections

Both functions undermine the battery of any cell phone. If you are not using it, turn off one or both.
Remember that there is no reason to walk around with the wi-fi connected. Both the new Android and iPhone models have options to turn both connections on or off on the home screen, so you do not have to go to the settings menu.

5. Disable the permanent GPS location

This is another of the battery-consuming functions. But you can turn it off or restrict its use.
To do this, go to Settings >> Privacy >> Location. On this screen, you can either disable the feature entirely or, depending on your phone, select the apps that can use the location service.

6. Reduce notifications

Do you even have to know at the time each time someone likes or comments a post on Facebook? If you feel it is not critical in your life, consider turning off notifications from your social networks.

Keep in mind that notifications light up the screen and thus spend battery power.

To do this, go to Settings or Settings >> Notifications >> and adjust your preference for each application.

7. Do not let applications run “in the background”

If enabled, this feature allows applications to be updated when your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, for example.
But to save energy, it’s worth to disable this feature entirely, or at least for applications that do not always have to be updated.

To change, go to Configuration >> General >> update “in the background”

It is also worth remembering to close the applications when you are no longer using them.

8. Check which of your applications are consuming more battery power

In both Android and iPhone it is possible to check the percentage of battery used by applications like Whatsapp, Facebook and Skype.

Thus, it is easier to decide whether it is worth leaving them open or closed.

On the iPhone, go to Settings >> General >> Usage >> Battery usage. On Android, the path is Settings >> Battery management >> Battery usage.

9. If you have an Android, turn on the power save mode
You can activate this function to extend battery life when convenient.

To do this, go to Settings >> Battery Management. In some models, you can choose up to three different types of economy, which combine various tricks cited in this text.