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  • Powerful magnet: Securely hold and stabilize your cellphone at a proper place even with its case on while you can drive safe without being distracted by any messages or notifications flashing through your phone
  • No Tools required: Extrem quick and easy installation, sticking to a dashboard in 10 seconds or less. offering a full-round – 360? rotation thanks to the swivel ball base design
  • Elegant design, simple and good assistance for your phone. Equipped with round and rectangle metallic plate, easy to install, fit for various size. Slim and lightweight design bring your car a neat and organized look.
  • Stick to Any Flat Surface – This cool little cell phone holder isn’t just for your car dashboard. With this car mount holder’s adhesive base, You can use it as a Desk Sticker, Kittchen Counter Sticker etc so that you can reach and read your cellphone quickly and conveniently in any flat surface
  • Support almost all size smartphones that has a body size from 3.7 to 9.7 inch such as iPhone 6s/6 Plus/6 /5s/5/5c, Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S6/S6 Edge/S7/ S7 Edge, Samsung etc. Extra adhesive sticker is offered in the package.

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Product Description

Magnetic Cell Phone Holder,SHONCO Car Mobile Phone Mount Holder 360 Degrees Rotatable Car Cardle Mount Stand with Strong Sticker for Phones or Tablets,Fit for Car,Office,Home,Kitchen,Bathroom-Gloden


Do not put yourself in the danger while driving. Vtin dash car mount holds your phone firmly and allows you to get the real time information across your phone screen easily. With adhesive tape, it can be place on the wall, desk or anywhere that you want.

Safe Grip
With neodymium magnet and silicon center, it can hold your phone safe and secure without worrying about falling even in bumps on the road.
Universal Compatibility
It can hold the weight about 250g, which equals to the total weight of Samsung galaxy S4 and iphone 5s, so it is suitable for most cell phones.
More Than a Car Mount
The adhesive base allows it to be place on the wall, desk, car dash or anywhere as you like. Stick it to the desk and get access to the phone while working.
360-Degree Ball Mount
Adjust it easily for optimal viewing angle and keep your phone in view.
Installation is a Breeze
Just stick the mount on the car dash or anywhere you want and go.

Notice :
Wash the bottom of stand and stick surface cleanly.
1. After the stand installed, dry by air for two hours .
2.If room temperture is too low,pls heat the 3m glue to normal temperture by hot wind.

Make sure to keep it away from credit cards, pacemakers, and other magnet-sensitive devices.

Package Includes:

1 x car mount stand
1 x magnet
1 x metal sheet(big)
1 x metal sheet(small)
1 x Alcohol Prep Pad
1 x3M VHB glue
1 x User Manual


Nowadays people are moving around with cell phones, are not they? And sometimes the battery does not last all day … The best solution is to use a portable charger to ensure that your smartphone stays on even when there is no outlet nearby. But when it comes to choosing a charger, you have to do a lot of research so you do not risk ruining your phone, see!

You need to keep an eye on the charge capacity, which is measured in mAh. It shows whether or not the charger can fully charge the battery. It works like this: if the battery of the phone has a capacity of 3.000 mAh, the charger must have at least 3,000 mAh also to have a full charge. If the charger has 6,000 mAh, for example, then it can offer two full loads. Now, if the capacity is 1,500 mAh, then you can only charge 50% of the battery.

Another important detail is the power, which is measured in W [SPEAK WATTS]. Pro mobile if charged, it is necessary that the electric current coming out of the battery is greater or equal to the charging power of the smartphone, ok? If it is smaller, the cell phone will not charge! This mAh and W information is in the manual or in the box.

And to facilitate, look at this tip!

Portable batteries lose their useful life over time, meaning they lose performance and load capacity. To make the charger last longer, just recharge the device when the power is completely finished. Oh, and do not forget to turn off your cell phone when recharging so you do not waste battery power!

The Hard Bank has 2 models of chargers, the Power Bank AS 802 (pictured), which is designed to allow you to stay connected anywhere, with 6600 mHa, has a USB port 2.1A and 1A, which allows simultaneous charging of two devices and features an LED emergency flashlight.

Tips for increasing the battery life of your phone

  • Decrease screen brightness: The brightness of the screen is often responsible for more than half the power used in your phone. Phones with large screens like the Motorola Milestone have the screen as one of the major consumer villains. A very bright screen is only useful when using the phone in the sun outside. As such times are often rare, leave the screen brightness to a minimum.
  • Disable Bluetooh : Bluetooth is little used on devices compared to other wireless options. When you need to use Bluetooh, turn it on only on time and then hang up.
  • Turn off the keypad sounds: that noise when you press each key, if off, can contribute to your battery to last a few more minutes at the end of the day.

Turn off the wi-fi where there are no known networks: turn off the wi-fi. Otherwise the device will be running out of battery power by listing all the networks found wherever you are. This is even worse if I have been in transit, because as the signal from the networks becomes very variable, the phone ends up having to use more power to transmit the radio signals.

Turn off Wi-Fi where networks exist: If you need the phone to work longer before you can recharge it, you may want to leave the Wi-Fi (wireless network) turned off even at work or in places where there is a network without wire you can use. With Wi-Fi on, several programs are constantly exchanging information with the internet, which increases the consumption of the device.

  • Turn off automatic syncing: If you even need your phone on the internet, at least close non-essential programs. Programs and e-mail, Twitter and others constantly synchronize information with their servers. That eats a lot of drums!
  • Lock the screen or keyboard: especially when placing the device in a pocket or purse, lock the keyboard and the screen. If this is not done, the unit may be running out of power while the display is switched on and not in low power mode.
  • Use a darker theme: yes … this is a bit of paranoia, but in the Nokia N97 a white theme spent around 10% more battery than a black theme. I measured, believe me. In devices with LED screens and derivatives this difference is even greater. Use dark themes and fine print to “light” the smallest possible number of pixels on the screen. The battery lasts much longer.