• LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with NOOX car mount you are welcome to ask for a No-Questions-Asked 100% REFUND
  • MADE FROM ONLY THE STRONGEST AND SAFEST MATERIALS: We make quality our #1 priority and use strong sticky gel pad and environmental ABS plastic. as you can see in the image, our car mount will stay firmly fastened to the dashboard or windshield. The sticky gel pad is washable and reusable after dry
  • ULTRA-LARGE COMPATIBILITY AND CONVENIENCE: We built unique phone holder to give you complete pleasure & convenience to listen music, watch videos and GPS navigation for the entire journey. You can adjust the clamp length (4.5-7.5inch) to fit all kinds of devices including IPHONE cell phones, SAMSUNG GALAXY, HUAWEI mobile phones, mini pads and etc
  • INSTALL IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES: Simply open the box, install the phone clamp with long arm, tear the protective film and place the holder at a clear & flat place, put your phone on, pivot phone holder to suit your vision – and you’re READY TO GO
  • EXTRA LONG ARM AND FULLY ADJUSTABLE VIEWING ANGLES: You can adjust the arm length (15-20cm) to fit your preference. You can pivot the phone holder to any angle to suit your sight. See the route, listen music & watch videos free on mobile phone while you are driving

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Product Description

NOOX Car Mount Universal Phone Holder for iPhone 7s 6s Plus 6s 5s 5c Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge S7 S6 Note 5 Huawei Phones

1. This cell phone mount will meet all needs in the entire journey. You can set it on
dashboard, windshield and also other flat surfaces. You can rotate the mechanical
arm in 360? to watch videos, make GPS navigation in all directions. You and your
family members, colleagues and other passengers can enjoy a wonderful trip with
NOOX phone holder for car
2. Easy to pick up and put down your phone. The extendable clamp is designed to
keep cell phones safe from falling off.
3. This car mount can securely hold almost ALL smart phones on the flat surfaces.
You can use it to hold GPS phones in car and use it to hold mini tablet at home &
office desk, bed room and bath room, or stick to the kitchen counter as a hands free
cell phone mount while cooking.
4. With the suction cup made from special soft PU rubber, this car holder can
be washed under water when it becomes dirty and be reused after the suction
cup gets dried

Compatible With:
iPhone 7 7 Plus SE 6 6S Plus 5 5s 5c 4s 4, ipad mini 4,3,2
Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 edge S5, S4,S3,Samsung Galaxy Note 5 4 3 & More
HTC One M9 M8 M7 8X 8S
LG Nexus 5X G4 G3 Optimus G Nexus 5 4
Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD Moto G Moto X Pure Moto Nexus 6
other branded smartphones like Blackberry, Nokia, Huawei, Lenovo, Doogee,
Kyocera,Asus, ZTE, Blu, Sony and etc.

Band Name: NOOX
Material?ABS + Gel Pad + Sponge Mat
Item Color: Black & Red
Net Weight: 280g
Width from: 115-190mm

Package Content:
1* Mobile Phone Holder Clamp
1* Sticky Car Mount Base
1* Kraft Paper Box

How to choose the best charger and cable for your smartphone

1) Choose the correct charger:

This is simpler. Each charger comes with a label or inscription informing the current in amperes ( A or mAh ) and the voltage in volts (V) .
The voltage should always be 5V and the current must be at least 2A or 2000mAh . Below these values, generally, will be little for any current appliance. The maximum is usually 3A or 4A .

2) Cable selection (USB, MicroUSB, etc)

It does not look like it, but this task is just as important as choosing the charger. And it’s usually a lot more complicated than it sounds. First, because the difference between a quality cable and an inefficient cable is not always “visible”. Second, store sellers (virtually everyone) can not tell which cable is the best, and therefore end up making only brand recommendations or assumptions.


Over time, your Android device may be slow. But be aware that there are very efficient options that can help speed up your device and make everything fluid again. To help you with these tasks, we’ve redesigned and updated our article with 10 tips that can make your cell phone much faster.

Tip 1. Remove files that you no longer use

Cleaning your smartphone is like cleaning our closet: although we have a certain attachment to our accumulated data, we must be aware that there is a lot of useless and that there is no reason to keep them.

And even in the analogy cabinet / smartphone, the simple rule: the more things we have inside them, the more complicated is their handling. So if the internal memory of your phone is full, the device slows down, with the processing power being more demanding, which makes the battery last less and of course, an hour the space ends and you stay in hand .

So, how about doing that cleaning on your device, deleting photos, videos, music and other file types that you do not even access? The process is simple and your phone will gain in performance, getting faster for what we need.

But if you insist on keeping your things, but still want a faster smartphone, then there are two solutions: buy a microSD card to store everything in an external memory; but if your device does not have the slot for this component, store the files in cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

Tip 2. Remove the apps you do not use from the home screen

Keeping your smartphone’s home screens full of apps you do not even use, and making the phone a mess can make the screen transition slow. So, how about keeping the display only with the apps you use the most (messengers, social networks, browser, email clients, etc.) and put the rest in the application drawer?

Another solution is to create folders on the home page by dividing the apps by category (Games, Movies, Utilities, Social Networks, etc). To do this, just click on the application icon for one second and “mix it up” with another related app. The folder will be created automatically and you can rename it with whatever name you want.

Tip 3. Identify the problem

The first thing to do is find out the cause of the problem. An application, multiple apps, or the system itself can interfere with overall system performance. The Trepn Profiler , developed by Qualcomm, displays the performance of each processor core in real time. As well as information on mobile network traffic, Wi-Fi, use of RAM and GPU.

You can configure specific profiles to remove accumulated data, such as offline information. Once you’ve figured out the specific problem, you can move on to the tips below.

Tip 4. Clear the applications cache

Useless data can be stored in the temporary memory of your applications and affect the speed of your device. You can clear the apps cache individually by selecting Settings> Applications> Manage Applications> Choose Application> Click Storage .

If you are looking for alternatives to clear the device cache completely, you can use the “Cache Data” option also found in the “Storage” menu (the name varies according to the Android version). In addition to clearing the cache, you can remove downloaded files and data stored by the system. You can see what the difference is between clearing data and caching through the article below:

Tip 5. Uninstall and disable unused applications

The less free memory your device has, the slower it will be. That way, it’s always important to clean your apps gallery, uninstalling apps you no longer use, and turning off those that can not be deleted.

You can also disable the applications that came preloaded on your phone, but make sure that you will not need them in the future. For this, we have prepared two full articles on which applications can be uninstalled and how to uninstall it from your device:

If you have to root access on your device, the removal will be even easier. If not, you can simply go to the application properties and disable the application to prevent it from running and using the native capabilities of the device.

Tip 6. Disable animations

In the developer options, you can disable the animations inside the operating system by clicking on “Animation window scale”, and in the “Animation off” sequence. This will not activate animations that occur when you open and close applications, making the whole process faster. You can re-enable the animations any time.

Developer options are accessed by clicking seven times on the mount number under Settings> About Phone> Mount Number . These settings can profoundly change the operation of your device and should not be changed unless you are sure of what you are doing.

Tip 7. Transfer applications to external memory

If your device includes the expandable memory option, you can also move applications to the microSD card. This functionality will cause your device to free up more memory and, as a result, device performance can be optimized. To do this, click Settings> Applications , select the app and click “Move to microSD”. Of course, make sure that your device has a microSD card installed.

Tip 8. Decrease the number of widgets

Reducing the number of widgets will make your smartphone run smoother, and save battery power. If you have an active widget that does not work, consider deactivating it from your device. Of course, there are no issues with having some active widgets. To do so choose the widget to be deleted, long click on the homescreen and move it to the top of the screen.

Tip 9. Keep your device up to date

Always make updates available. They include optimizing the system, fixing bugs and generally improving the stability of your device, which obviously influences the better functioning of the device. To check for any available updates, go to Settings> About phone> Software update .

Tip 10. Monitor battery usage

Do not forget that you can also keep track of applications that use a lot of battery power by going to Settings> Battery. You can also monitor the use of RAM in Settings> Applications and select the “Cached Applications” option.

This last option will display a statistic of processes that are running on your device. You can disable some processes in the background to optimize system and battery operation.