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  • *USB-A Port (Non-Quick Charging Port) : Output:5V/2.4A (Max). Smart detect technology patented by Tronsmart, Onlier Wall Charger offers the fastest charging speed for many other non-Type C devices.You may be unable to get rapid charging speed, when charging a Type C device with a Type A male to Type C male cable.
  • Onlier USB C Charger, USB C Port (5V/3A):Rapid Onlier USB Type C Charger is Fast Charging for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Google Pixel/Pixel XL, Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL
  • Onlier USB Type C Cable :High quality data wire and power wire have been used to build in Onlier USB C Cable.Onlier Usb Wall Charger can charge and sync simultaneously at a rapid speed.
  • Onlier USB C Travel Charger Safety Guarantee:Onlier Travel Wall Charger Built with Industry grade materials and premium circuitry, Onlier Rapid Type C Wall Charger fully protect against over-current, overcharging and overheating for safe and fast charging.
  • Onlier Type C Charger Warranty -We are easy-life , take me home , i will make your life easier,you will get a replacements or full refund if any quality issue you meet with Onlier Dual Wall Charger. pls feel free to contact us

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Onlier USB C Wall Charger Fast Travel Charger 2 USB Port Plug Adapter + USB Type C Charging Cable Cord 3ft 5V 3A 2.4A for iphone 7 plus Google Pixel, LG G5 galaxy S8 Nexus 5x HTC 10 Samsung W700

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Onlier 2 USB Wall Charger Specification :
USB-A port Output:5V/2.4A (Max). Smart detect technology patented by Tronsmart,Onlier Fast Wall Charger offers the fastest charging speed for many other non-Type C devices.
You may be unable to get rapid charging speed, when charging a Type C device with a Type A male to Type C male cable.
USB-C Port (5V/3A):Fast Charging for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Google Pixel/Pixel XL, Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL Premium materials,
Onlier Universal Wall Charger is ultra-compact design and precision crafting seamlessly combine for an essential

Onlier USB Wall Charger with Onlier USB C Cable Compatible Devices :
LG V20
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus/S8+
Samsung Galaxy S8
ZTE Axon 7
Google Nexus 5X ,Nexus 6P
OnePlus 2,3,3T
Google Pixel XL,Pixel
Google ChromeBook Pixel (2015)
HTC 10
Nokia N1 Tablet
Huawei Mate 9 and Nintendo Switch and More

What will you get ?
1pcs Onlier USB Travel Charger (USB-A port and USB-C port)
1pcs Onlier USB C Charging Cable (1 Meter)

How to choose the best portable charger

  • Physical Size : Portable chargers come in all shapes, sizes and weight. Physical size and battery capacity go hand in hand. If you are looking for an ultra portable charger, you will have to sacrifice the battery size.
  • Battery Capacity : You will want to determine how much power you need and how often you will want to charge your power bank. If you are just looking for a power bank to keep your bag in an emergency, a power bank with less than 5,000 mAh will suffice. If you want to use your power bank several times before recharging it, point to one with more than 10.00 mAh.
  • USB ports : The more ports the power bank has, the more devices you can charge. Many chargers come with 2 ports: 1A port and 2.1A port.
  • Charging Output : Most portable chargers will come with either 1A or 2.1A output port or both. These numbers indicate the maximum charge rate in amps. Therefore, the higher the amperage, the faster the device charges, assuming it is compatible. A 1A output port is suitable for most smartphones, while old phones (such as feature phones and mobile phones) require a 0.5A port. Tablets, iPads require a 2.1A outport for great charging. Power banks capable of carrying portable computers are likely to come with a 3A port.
  • Case and material : If you plan to use your outdoor outdoor battery, you want to choose one made of durable materials like aluminum or silicone.

5 tips to increase the battery life of your mobile phone

The most current gadget is powered by lithium-ion . They are quite different from batteries used in older devices, such as nickel-cadmium , and some procedures that help extend the life of older batteries may have the opposite effect on newer technologies. See five tips for your cell phone’s battery not to leave you in the hand with little time to use.

If you are going to charge the phone at night, remove the
Most smartphones today are smart enough to stop powering the battery when the charge reaches 100% , so there’s no need to worry about that. But if you go to sleep with a cell phone in the socket, it’s a good idea to take off the hood: lithium-ion batteries are extremely sensitive to heat and the measurement can increase their life.

Do not store the battery empty.

An empty battery is unstable, and can cause serious injury if it is taken out of the drawer after one or two months of use. Ideally, you store your battery with about 40% of the charge . It tends to lose something between 5% and 10% of the energy stored each month spent in idleness, a security rate good enough to prevent explosions when it is put into the power outlet.

Do not let yourself beat 0% or 100% frequently

Modern batteries do not like extremes. Ideally, if possible, always carry it from 40% to 80%. A full recharge cycle is exhausting and the battery life is shortened.

Make small daily refills

Contrary to what most parents think, the lithium-ion batteries used in modern cell phones do not suffer from memory problems like their older relatives, those of nickel-cadmium. That is, they will not hook up at 80% if you do not have time to leave the phone in the socket until it reaches 100%. On the contrary, small daily recharges , which keep the level above half, help increase battery life.

Do not use the fast charge mode

Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to heat and sudden variations in electrical voltage . They prefer everything to happen slowly and always. The fast charging option available on some Android devices , therefore, can even break a branch from time to time, but it is very harmful to the health of the device.