• 10.4 Amp 10800 mAh Car Charger With 2 USB Ports at 2.4 AMP, and 3 USB Ports at 2 AMP
  • For the Front Seat and Reaches the back Seat With its 5 Foot Cord
  • Rubberized Finish for Prolonged Durability and Overcharge Protection for Your Device
  • IQ Technology to Protect Your Device From Overheating
  • Works on Phones, Tablets, MP3 Players, PSP, GPS, and More!

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Product Description

Premium Car Charger 10.8 AMP Splits 5 Ways USB Charging Hub For 5 DevicesiPhone 8, 7, 6, 5, X Galaxy S8, S8+, LG G5 G6 V20, ZTE Grand X Max 2, X 3, X 4, Zmax Pro Plus more!

Phone protection is a priority nowadays, we carry phones that are worth a good amount of money and we cannot risk getting one of our working tools damaged. To some, a cellphone is just a device used for entertaining purposes and the casual call once in a while, to others a cellphone is a work tool that needs to be taken care of, without it, some people would not be able to manage all the daily tasks required for any management (from managing a home to managing a business). Votec is a trusted name in the premium wireless accessories market. Whether you are looking for a quality USB Hub or just an extra charger, all the essential needs are met in its unique design. The Rubberized charger is designed for durability as well as a way to express your personal style. While the primary purpose of a charger is to charge your phone, the Votec premium charger offers the extra of splitting the USB Port 5 ways, this will allow you to use the charger with 5 different devices, and this will allow you to use the same charger just different USB cables. The executive look and feel will make you stand out anywhere. Stay confident that your phones are protected and easily available when you need them the most. No need to replace your charger every time you get a new phone, no need to be worried that your phone will get damaged or overheated from a non IQ Technology charger, keep your phone ready to go all the time.

Solar Mobile Phone Charger: How to Choose Yours?

-Weight and size: at first all chargers are portable, but it is good to know if it is really lightweight and does not take up too much space. If the size or weight is disproportionate, there is a great risk that you will abandon the use of the device.

-Price per power generation: It is very important to know the power capacity of the charger and to realize how much you are paying for it. This means that not always the cheapest charger will be the best option.

-The need for your device: Some phones and smartphones need more power than others. If the chosen charger is not able to deliver this power, the time to recharge may become unfeasible.


There is only one worse thing than a smartphone without battery: a smartphone without battery that takes recharging! This has certainly happened to many of us. We’ve extended our tips tutorial by adding three new secrets that will help with loading your Android. These new tips are number 1 , 2 , and 3 . Check them all out.

1 – Using USB ports
Or against
The USB ports are not known for the agility in charging smartphones, since this standard offers a load of only 0.5 ampere. For comparison purposes only, a conventional socket which accompanies the apparatus in the case transmits an average charge of 1 ampere.

If you do not have many alternatives around you, choose to use at least one USB 3.0 port, which transmits approximately 0.9 amps. This connection pattern has the blue door, unlike the traditional 2.0, which can usually be identified in black and white.

The solution

It is possible to optimize the USB ports of a PC using an Asus software. Unlike Apple’s OSX system, Windows for computers controls the release of electrical current that is sent to the USB ports, causing the load to be lower.

Ai Charger is a utility developed by ASUS that can force the computer to release a larger electrical current. So if you have USB ports as your best alternative, consider installing this utility on your computer.

The Ai Charger page informs that it is compatible only with Apple devices, however, I used the software with my Xperia for a long time and it worked the same way. Ai Charger is free and can be installed on any Windows computer through this page .

2 – Use the charger of a tablet

Tablet chargers offer slightly better electrical charge than the conventional charger that comes with smartphones. The charger for a tablet has just over 2 amps of power. Even with this increased amperage the tablet charger does not damage the smartphone battery.

3 – Close Multitasking Applications

When placing a device to load, try to close the processes in progress in the multitasking. Apps running in the background achieve a significant battery level and may interfere with the charging speed of your smartphone. When in doubt, close all open applications in the multitasking of your Android.

4 – Do not use parallel fonts

First, the basics: Almost everyone knows that recharging the device on your computer or laptop is a much slower process than recharging. Also, always use the charger that came with your smartphone or an equivalent replacement. Buying a very cheap pirate charger can come out more expensive in the end.

5 – Use airplane mode

Turn on airplane mode on your device to speed up loading. On most handsets, it is accessed with a long tap on the power button or by pulling the quick settings bar with two fingers from the top of the screen down. Airplane mode locks the device’s wireless connections, so you can not receive calls, messages, Internet access, etc. Despite this disadvantage, the device will recharge faster.

6 – Turn off the phone completely

On the other hand, if you do not need any function of the smartphone, it is best to turn it off completely while it is in the power outlet. This way, the battery will not be spent with incoming calls, vibration, notifications or updates and processes in the background.

7 – Disable unnecessary functions

Check if there is any unnecessary function connected, such as Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, etc. Close all applications and stop all updates or backups automatic Google Play Store. The economy will be small but it can make a difference if you are in a hurry. In addition, everything can be restored to the previous state after the device has sufficiently recharged.

8 – Do not touch!

If you need your phone to be on, and you can not activate airplane mode because you are waiting for a call, resist the temptation to check it every thirty seconds. The screen is the biggest devourer of energy of the device. Turn it on as little as possible so that the battery recharges without cost.