• Original Verizon Samsung Droid Charge Accessory
  • Charge your Samsung Droid Charge while docked
  • Automatically puts handset in Landscape Mode when docked
  • Use your DROID CHARGE as a media player, run apps, or use as a desktop speakerphone when docked
  • Includes multimedia desktop dock and Micro USB A/C power supply

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Product Description

Samsung SAMI510DTC Original Desktop Station Multimedia Charging Dock w/ Battery Charging Slot for Samsung Droid Charge

Turn your DROID CHARGE into a desktop multimedia powerhouse with this innovative multimedia desktop solution. The handset automatically switches to landscape dock mode when placed in the dock. Once docked you can truly unleash the capabilities of Android and the CHARGE. Watch videos, run Android apps, or turn your handset into a desktop stereo sound system.

Solar Mobile Phone Charger: How to Choose Yours?

-Weight and size: at first all chargers are portable, but it is good to know if it is really lightweight and does not take up too much space. If the size or weight is disproportionate, there is a great risk that you will abandon the use of the device.

-Price per power generation: It is very important to know the power capacity of the charger and to realize how much you are paying for it. This means that not always the cheapest charger will be the best option.

-The need for your device: Some phones and smartphones need more power than others. If the chosen charger is not able to deliver this power, the time to recharge may become unfeasible.

Tips for increasing the battery life of your phone

In addition to these acimas tips that will not diminish the usefulness of your device, there are others that are a little more aggressive but that allow an even greater battery saving.

  • Switch off the device when you can not use it: in cinemas, flights, meetings or times when you can not use your device, leave it unplugged. If you get calls or messages during this time, you will know the text messages from your service provider when you switch the phone on again.
  • Turn off the phone where there is no signal: In cities in the interior where there is no signal, the phone basically transmits at higher power to try to find an antenna. If there is no signal, turn off the phone and save battery power.
  • Turn on airplane mode if you do not need to receive or make calls: often you need to work on the phone but do not need external connections. Turn on airplane mode right now and your battery will last longer.
  • Say no to multimedia features: playing, listening to music, watching movies, and various other fun items on the phone spend a lot of battery power. If you can not charge the phone, avoid draining the battery with this too!