• Quick Charge 2.0 Technology: provide the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 A, save up to 75% time with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Technology compared to conventional chargers(up to 40 watts). Offer you an effective charging experience.
  • Built In Intelligent Chip: No matter you choose which ports, the charging speed will be set to be the fastest possible speed all the time. Also protect your devices from overheating, over current, over voltage, overload, short circuit protection. Offer your devices better safety guarantee.
  • 4 Powerful Charge Port: Charge your devices at full speed with 40 watts and 8A total output. AC 110-220V input voltage is ideal for international travel.
  • Anti-flaming and Fireproof Material: Offer you a safer user experience. Flat Rectangular Shape: keep stable at desk.
  • Certified Quality Guarantee: CE, FCC, RoHS Certified and we offer every customer 18 months warranty and lifetime technical support.

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Product Description

SUPEREX 5-Port Mutiple USB Charger – Qualcomm Certified – Smart Small Charging Station with Quick Charge 2.0 Technology – Silver

Quick Charge Technology 2.0
With the quick charge port, you can charge device with current up to 2.4 V , saving up to 75% charging time.

Smart Charge Technology
No matter which port you choose, the charging speed will be set to be the fastest possible speed all the time.

Extra IC Protection
Offer your devices smart temperature, voltage, current control for better safety guarantee.

Powerful 5 Charge Port
Release 40 Watts of power in total, charge devices up to 5 in a time simultaneously!

Fireproof Anti-flaming Material
More protective to your devices under charge. Specialized material offer you safer charge experience.

Quick Charge 2.0 Compatible models
Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 4/Edge
Google Nexus 6
Sony Xperia Z4, Z4 Tablet, Z3, Z3 Compact, Z3 Tablet Compact, Z2 Tablet
Motorola Droid Turbo, Moto X 2014
HTC One M9, HTC One (M8), One Remix (Verizon Mini 2), Desire EYE
LG G Flex2, G4
Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Mi Note, and more.

Size: 8 cm x 8 cm x 2.9 cm
Output rated current: DC 5 V 8 A MAX
Max single port current: 2.4 A
Quick charge: 5V-2.4A 9V-1.5A 12V-1.2A
Output power: 40 W MAX
Input rated Voltage: AC 100 V ~ 220 V 50/60Hz
Surface material: anti-flaming and fireproof rubber

1 x 4 Ports SUPEREX USB Charger
1 x power cable

If a port isn’t working properly, it may be because your device has triggered the protective internal safety switch. In order to reset the switch, unplug all cables (including power cable) for five seconds and retry.

?Free lifetime technical support
?18 months warranty

Solar Mobile Phone Charger: How to Choose Yours?

-Weight and size: at first all chargers are portable, but it is good to know if it is really lightweight and does not take up too much space. If the size or weight is disproportionate, there is a great risk that you will abandon the use of the device.

-Price per power generation: It is very important to know the power capacity of the charger and to realize how much you are paying for it. This means that not always the cheapest charger will be the best option.

-The need for your device: Some phones and smartphones need more power than others. If the chosen charger is not able to deliver this power, the time to recharge may become unfeasible.

Tips for increasing the battery life of your phone

  • Decrease screen brightness: The brightness of the screen is often responsible for more than half the power used in your phone. Phones with large screens like the Motorola Milestone have the screen as one of the major consumer villains. A very bright screen is only useful when using the phone in the sun outside. As such times are often rare, leave the screen brightness to a minimum.
  • Disable Bluetooh : Bluetooth is little used on devices compared to other wireless options. When you need to use Bluetooh, turn it on only on time and then hang up.
  • Turn off the keypad sounds: that noise when you press each key, if off, can contribute to your battery to last a few more minutes at the end of the day.

Turn off the wi-fi where there are no known networks: turn off the wi-fi. Otherwise the device will be running out of battery power by listing all the networks found wherever you are. This is even worse if I have been in transit, because as the signal from the networks becomes very variable, the phone ends up having to use more power to transmit the radio signals.

Turn off Wi-Fi where networks exist: If you need the phone to work longer before you can recharge it, you may want to leave the Wi-Fi (wireless network) turned off even at work or in places where there is a network without wire you can use. With Wi-Fi on, several programs are constantly exchanging information with the internet, which increases the consumption of the device.

  • Turn off automatic syncing: If you even need your phone on the internet, at least close non-essential programs. Programs and e-mail, Twitter and others constantly synchronize information with their servers. That eats a lot of drums!
  • Lock the screen or keyboard: especially when placing the device in a pocket or purse, lock the keyboard and the screen. If this is not done, the unit may be running out of power while the display is switched on and not in low power mode.
  • Use a darker theme: yes … this is a bit of paranoia, but in the Nokia N97 a white theme spent around 10% more battery than a black theme. I measured, believe me. In devices with LED screens and derivatives this difference is even greater. Use dark themes and fine print to “light” the smallest possible number of pixels on the screen. The battery lasts much longer.