• Feather light (2 oz.), super slim, and shock-absorbent daily case and bike-mounting system for Amazon Fire Phone.
  • 100% Rain, Dust and Dirt Proof with included Rain Guard protective cover.
  • Use as daily case or mount to bikes, motorcycles, strollers, scooters, and more.
  • 100% Access to touch screen, all buttons, sound controls, and charge/headphone ports.
  • Mounts in seconds to handlebars & stems in vertical & horizontal positions; employs in-bracket safety lock to guard against road shocks & vibrations.

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Product Description

Tigra Sport RainGuard MountCase 2 Slim Case and Bike Mount Kit for Amazon Fire Phone – Retail Packaging – Black

LIGHT, STRONG, AND VERSATILE SOLUTION The Mount Case Bike Kit includes a strong and light daily case and an integrated bike mounting system for Amazon Fire Phone. It’s ultra light (less than 2 ounces installed), strong, secure and most versatile mounting system available for your iPhone. SHOCK ABSORBENT The case is made from tough, polycarbonate compound tested to withstand vibration and uneven road condition. The shock-absorbent silicon coating and wrap-around edges protect your phone in case of falls or impact. SECURE MOUNTING The Mount Case Bike Kit takes a unique approach to mounting your Fire Phone – with only a twist and click, your Fire Phone is securely mounted to your choice of handlebars or stem. The reinforced mounting bracket has a built-in safety lock that keeps your Fire Phone securely mounted even on the toughest of surfaces. EASY AND QUICK ATTACHMENT The Mount Case Bike Kit can be mounted and dismounted in seconds with only a twist and click. Mount your Fire Phone in horizontal or vertical positions, to stem or handlebars for the best viewing of apps, GPS instructions, or music track selection. WATERPROOF AND DIRTPROOF The included Rain Guard can be used to keep your Fire Phone fully waterproof as needed, and will protect your Fire Phone from rain, dust, dirt, and even your own sweat. WARRANTY Mount Case Bike Kit comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day Amazon returns policy so you can buy the Bike Console Lite Mount Case Bike Kit with confidence.

How to choose the best portable battery charger for smartphone

Load capacity

The millimeter-hour (mAh) battery specification indicates the maximum amount of power your loads can receive. In this way, the higher these values, the greater the capacity of their loads. So the first thing to keep in mind before buying a portable battery is to see if the total values ??of your charge exceed the capacity indicated on the phone’s battery.

Battery power

It is important to choose a portable battery that has a power output power, indicated by the values ??specified in Watts (W), equal to or greater than the charging power of your smartphone.

If the electric current coming out of the portable battery is less than that needed to charge the gadget, the device will not charge. However, the higher the value of this current, the faster the battery can be recharged.

The service life

Remembering the power loss of the external battery when transferring your mAh amounts to smartphones, it is important that your users also evaluate their charge cycle. Also known as a useful life, this cycle can be calculated by comparing the mAh values ??of your portable battery capacity with the mAh indication on the device’s battery specifications.

10 Tips for Better Use of Your Mobile Phone Memory!

Since I had my first smartphone back in 2005/2006, my problems with memory of the handsets were constant. Just be the memory to run programs or the memory to store files, run out of space and even in cases where, suddenly, the cell phone hung out of nowhere, they were very common with me.

These problems continued to appear over time. Due to my disappointment, I restored the configuration of my phone to factory and loaded with applications again. It even worked, to the point where it slowed down again and I had to do the whole process again. That’s when I did not use the whole memory before.

Like what we already know, smartphones are found almost everywhere, and they range from basic models to the top of the line. As time goes by, they all slow down and the memory gradually gets busy. This is why you should keep your phone clean in both RAM and physical memory by following the simple tips.

  • Constant Updates

Update your phone software regularly. It fixes some bugs, firmwares and some lags. In some cases, it may even take up less space in the physical memory of your device.

  • Factory Settings

Make a backup of your entire device and return it to the factory settings. Performing this tip erases everything and brings your phone back to a new condition. Back up your contact lists and other important information before performing this tip.

  • Choose your apps well

Uninstall any unused applications. We often download several applications, but few actually use them. Delete some of these that you do not use as it helps to ease memory consumption.

  • Restart your phone

When the device experiences delays and slowness, restart it. Somehow, it helps, even being a temporary option.

  • Root on your device

Valid for devices with Android operating system. With root, you can uninstall the modifications made on Android by the operators and the useless programs that come in the set, optimizing not only the memory but the speed of your device.

  • Applications to optimize memories

In all application stores there are at least 10 programs to optimize the use of RAM and / or physical memory of your mobile device. Choose the ones with the best rating and optimize your device.

  • Organize your apps

Reduce the number of home screens by creating folders for your applications and leaving only the ones you use most frequently in view.

  • Monitor applications separately

Each application consumes an X amount of RAM and physical memory from your device. See which ones are taking up more space and make sure you can get rid of them.

  • Back up your music and photos

Send music and photos to your computer or an online storage service and be free of precious storage space on your device.

  • Buy a microSD card

You can buy a microSD card if your device has an entry, thus freeing up memory space on your smartphone. Remember to check the compatibility of your device before.

  • Bonus: buy a new cell phone

Did you do all of that and your cell phone is still slow or out of memory? So it’s time to buy a new cell phone to meet your new needs. Just be careful not to spend too much or mess up your resources.