• Break the traditional, no need to paste the magnet chip.
  • Using nano-paste and sucker principle paste, shock anti-shake, strong suction, sliding the side easy to remove the phone.
  • One hand operation, 360 ? rotation, light and small does not stop driving sight, improve traffic safety.
  • Applicable to multiple mobile phone models, i5 i6 (plus) i7 (plus) Samsung Huawei xiaomi series.
  • Suitable for a variety of surfaces: smooth, scrub and mobile case.

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Product Description

Universal Non-Magnetic Nano Car Phone Mount Holder For All Models Of Mobile Phone Furniture Office Kitchen Phone Without Disk Bracket(Dashboards)

Product Name: Nano-Car Mobile Phone Bracket
Product Usage: car phone stand, navigation bracket
Product Features: no magnet, no stickers, direct adsorption fixed, sliding removal

This product after more than three years of design and continuous testing, has been improved and the first time on the market.

Patented products that prohibit infringement.

How to choose the best charger and cable for your smartphone

1) Choose the correct charger:

This is simpler. Each charger comes with a label or inscription informing the current in amperes ( A or mAh ) and the voltage in volts (V) .
The voltage should always be 5V and the current must be at least 2A or 2000mAh . Below these values, generally, will be little for any current appliance. The maximum is usually 3A or 4A .

2) Cable selection (USB, MicroUSB, etc)

It does not look like it, but this task is just as important as choosing the charger. And it’s usually a lot more complicated than it sounds. First, because the difference between a quality cable and an inefficient cable is not always “visible”. Second, store sellers (virtually everyone) can not tell which cable is the best, and therefore end up making only brand recommendations or assumptions.

Tips to increase the battery life of your Android

Recapping the measures to be taken or avoided to optimize the duration of your battery:

  • Charge your battery for shorter periods and more times;
  • Charge it in a cool place; never use your cell phone while charging;
  • Do not leave the smartphone on the bed;
  • Do not leave the battery exhausted and do not store it uncharged;
  • Disconnect charger when charging is complete;
  • Do not attempt to re-connect the phone if it is turned off due to the low battery.
  • Store your battery properly if it is out of use.

Lastly, remember that after 2 or 3 years, maybe before, the battery should be changed so that the usage time can be again satisfactory.