• The dock is portable and convenient to use, can quickly charges your Apple mobile devices.
  • It can sync and charge your device at the same time by simply connecting the built-in USB cable to your laptop or PC.
  • Directly plug y our device into the integrated lightning dock connector and then plug the dock into your laptop or PC with the attached USB cable.
  • To get the optimal effect, it is recommended to take off the protective case from your device before using it on the dock. However, if the speaker, lightning connector and AUX connector are fully exposed from the protective case, you can also place your device on the dock easily, without the need to take off the protective case.
  • Color: Silver

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Product Description

USB Sync Charger Dock Docking Station Cradle Charging Stand For iPhone 5 5c 5s 6 6S Plus iPod Touch – Silver Color

Compatible With:

For Apple iPhone 6s / 6s Plus / 6 Plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5
For Apple iPad Air 2 / iPad Air / iPad 4 with Retina Display
For Apple iPad mini 3 / iPad mini 2 / iPad mini
For Apple iPod Touch 6th Gen / 5th Gen / iPod nano 7th gen


Q: Can I use the dock charger to charge from wall outlet?
A: Yes, when you want to charge from the wall outlet, simply plug the USB cable into your charger with USB port and then plug it into the wall.

Q: Can this dock charger sync my iPhone when it’s plugged into the wall?
A: No, you may need to plug the USB cable into your computer’s USB port to sync your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Q: Do I need a separate lightning to USB cable?
A: No, the lightning connector is built in the dock, so you can directly charge and sync once you take it out of the box.

Package Details:

1 x Sync Charger Dock With USB Cable

Solar Mobile Phone Charger: How to Choose Yours?

-Weight and size: at first all chargers are portable, but it is good to know if it is really lightweight and does not take up too much space. If the size or weight is disproportionate, there is a great risk that you will abandon the use of the device.

-Price per power generation: It is very important to know the power capacity of the charger and to realize how much you are paying for it. This means that not always the cheapest charger will be the best option.

-The need for your device: Some phones and smartphones need more power than others. If the chosen charger is not able to deliver this power, the time to recharge may become unfeasible.

Tips to increase the battery life of your Android

Recapping the measures to be taken or avoided to optimize the duration of your battery:

  • Charge your battery for shorter periods and more times;
  • Charge it in a cool place; never use your cell phone while charging;
  • Do not leave the smartphone on the bed;
  • Do not leave the battery exhausted and do not store it uncharged;
  • Disconnect charger when charging is complete;
  • Do not attempt to re-connect the phone if it is turned off due to the low battery.
  • Store your battery properly if it is out of use.

Lastly, remember that after 2 or 3 years, maybe before, the battery should be changed so that the usage time can be again satisfactory.