• 360 ROTATABLE ANGLE: The ball joint enables this cell phone suction mount for car rotating at 360 degrees horizontally and vertically, allowing you to get the best viewing angle.
  • WASHABLE SILICONE SUCTION BASE: The super sticky silicone gel suction base can attach to windshield, dashboard and other smooth or textured surface to make the car mount for iphone 7 suction cup stably mounted. Further more, the suction base is washable and reuseable, and durable.
  • ONE HAND MOUNTING: The clamp of this universal phone holder suction is designed in two direction openning, you can mount your cell phone device only by one one hand.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: The suction cup phone holder iphone 5 has a very big clamp, its open range is 53-90mm, fits for 4.0 – 6.0 inches smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy S5 4 NOTE 2 3 4, iPhone 7 6 5S 5C 5, HTC ONE M7 8 9, DESIRE 820, even with cellphone cases.
  • MULTIPLE PURPOSE: The suction car mount iphone 6 plus’s base is made of sticky silicone gel material, it can evenly stand on textured surfaces, such as office desktop, kitchen table, coffee shop table, car dashboard/ windshield,ect.

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Product Description

Ztechworld Universal Suction Cup Car Mount Cell Phone Holder for iPhone 7 Plus 6S 6/ Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 Edge Note 3 4 5/ Android Phones and More, Sticky Silicone Base, 360 Rotation, Red Clip

Ztechworld offers a simple design iPhone Holder for Car Suction Cup, with silicone gel base, extra large clamp compatible with most of smartphone devices.

It is a perfect accessory for all vehicle. This universal suction car mount with 360 iphone 6 plus offers a 360 degree rotation viewing angles, allowing you to watch your mobile phone screen in different directions.

Simple as it it, after you mount it on the car dashboard/ windshield, tighten the clip in a direction by rotating the swivel nut, then you can use one hand to set your cell phone devices to the phone suction mount. Very easy in operation.

Further more, this mobile phone suction holder has multiple usage purpose, you can use it to holde your cellphone on a coffee shop table enjoying short videos, you can install it to the kitchen wall while cooking, or having video conference with your clients by positioning the car mount on desktop.

Most importantly, the suction base is made of sticky silicone gel material, it can adsorb on textured surface,such as leather dashboard,wooden desktop,ect. This silicone gel is washable, when it is dirty, its stickness becomes weak, you need to clean it by water, after it is dry, the silicone gel is back to normal function.

Material: ABS+Silicone Gel
Color: Red clip, Black clip
Net Weight: 65g
Gross Weight: 80g
Clamp open: 5.3-9.0cm
Suction Base: Sticky Silicone Gel
Packing: Gift Box
Installation: For car windshield/ Windshield
Support 4.0-6.0 inches screen smartphones(even with phone case)

Fits for most devices with 4.0 to 6.0 inches screen
Safe and secure suction technology
Easy single-handed operation
360 degree viewing angles
Works for smartphones with extended case

How to choose the best portable charger

  • Physical Size : Portable chargers come in all shapes, sizes and weight. Physical size and battery capacity go hand in hand. If you are looking for an ultra portable charger, you will have to sacrifice the battery size.
  • Battery Capacity : You will want to determine how much power you need and how often you will want to charge your power bank. If you are just looking for a power bank to keep your bag in an emergency, a power bank with less than 5,000 mAh will suffice. If you want to use your power bank several times before recharging it, point to one with more than 10.00 mAh.
  • USB ports : The more ports the power bank has, the more devices you can charge. Many chargers come with 2 ports: 1A port and 2.1A port.
  • Charging Output : Most portable chargers will come with either 1A or 2.1A output port or both. These numbers indicate the maximum charge rate in amps. Therefore, the higher the amperage, the faster the device charges, assuming it is compatible. A 1A output port is suitable for most smartphones, while old phones (such as feature phones and mobile phones) require a 0.5A port. Tablets, iPads require a 2.1A outport for great charging. Power banks capable of carrying portable computers are likely to come with a 3A port.
  • Case and material : If you plan to use your outdoor outdoor battery, you want to choose one made of durable materials like aluminum or silicone.

Tips for increasing the battery life of your phone

  • Decrease screen brightness: The brightness of the screen is often responsible for more than half the power used in your phone. Phones with large screens like the Motorola Milestone have the screen as one of the major consumer villains. A very bright screen is only useful when using the phone in the sun outside. As such times are often rare, leave the screen brightness to a minimum.
  • Disable Bluetooh : Bluetooth is little used on devices compared to other wireless options. When you need to use Bluetooh, turn it on only on time and then hang up.
  • Turn off the keypad sounds: that noise when you press each key, if off, can contribute to your battery to last a few more minutes at the end of the day.

Turn off the wi-fi where there are no known networks: turn off the wi-fi. Otherwise the device will be running out of battery power by listing all the networks found wherever you are. This is even worse if I have been in transit, because as the signal from the networks becomes very variable, the phone ends up having to use more power to transmit the radio signals.

Turn off Wi-Fi where networks exist: If you need the phone to work longer before you can recharge it, you may want to leave the Wi-Fi (wireless network) turned off even at work or in places where there is a network without wire you can use. With Wi-Fi on, several programs are constantly exchanging information with the internet, which increases the consumption of the device.

  • Turn off automatic syncing: If you even need your phone on the internet, at least close non-essential programs. Programs and e-mail, Twitter and others constantly synchronize information with their servers. That eats a lot of drums!
  • Lock the screen or keyboard: especially when placing the device in a pocket or purse, lock the keyboard and the screen. If this is not done, the unit may be running out of power while the display is switched on and not in low power mode.
  • Use a darker theme: yes … this is a bit of paranoia, but in the Nokia N97 a white theme spent around 10% more battery than a black theme. I measured, believe me. In devices with LED screens and derivatives this difference is even greater. Use dark themes and fine print to “light” the smallest possible number of pixels on the screen. The battery lasts much longer.