How to protect your cell from falls?

How to protect your cell from falls – Every day, we have thinner and lighter cell phones. In addition, with the omnipresence of cell phones and our fast pace, our concern with these items that are practically an extension of our ears and fingers end up being treated anyway and the falls are inevitable. Therefore, it is important to protect the device so that those precious real invested are not played down the drain. And here, we give you the most important tips for protecting your cell phone.

How to protect your cell from falls

Choose a scratch-resistant cell phone

The protection of the cell phone already starts in the choice of a more resistant device. Choose a phone that fits comfortably in your hands. Try devices at the operator’s store, experimenting with different formats. Select the shape, size and weight that best fit your hands. Consider a rugged phone if crashes are a common occurrence for you or get a really cheap and disposable device for you to take away and use more frequently than your main handset.

Buy a screensaver for your mobile device

A screen protector protects your cell phone against scratches, something that happens with any device on a day to day basis. The protection may only work for the front of the phone or be used on the entire body of the device. Although protectors and screen skins will not protect against impact too much, they can help prevent scratches during a fall.

Purchase a protective cover for your mobile device

These may be silicone or heavier materials. The first, provides a textured grip against the smooth plastic that comprises many phones, and have designs and designs to please the most diverse users. The heavier covers are made especially to protect against the impact of a fall, and cover the entire phone except the screen. While some of the best covers may be more expensive, the cost is worth it for the protection it provides.

Beware of falling phones inside the water

Beware of falling phones inside the water!

If you drop your phone in the water, do not try to turn it on. Immediately remove the battery, place the phone and battery in a bag of raw rice, and then close. Leave the phone there for at least 48 hours, allowing time for the rice to soak up the water. If you go too often to places where there is water or a lot of moisture, we recommend that you use a waterproof protective cap. It is worth remembering that humidity is detected by most cell phones and it is not worth trying to activate the guarantee: if it does not work drying, maybe it is time to get a new device .

Hire an insurance plan for your device

If you usually let your phone fall often, consider adding a secure feature to cover damage caused by drops, none of which are typically covered by the manufacturer’s one-year warranty. From $ 5.00 on the Pitzi website you can hold your cell phone against damages and ensure that it will be repaired when necessary. It may seem expensive, but if you think about the amount paid on the handset, the investment turns out to be worth it.