How to save money by buying smartphones

At sight or installment without interest

We all know that the value of a handset changes a lot when purchased in cash or in the long term. This difference may represent an increase of approximately 17% in the total value of the apparatus. Another point that should be considered is the condition of online shipping, which can be free for some cities or for purchases above a certain amount.

If you choose to buy a smartphone installment, make a prior financial planning and try to opt for the number of installments that keeps the model free of interest. Still with regard to installment, physical stores negotiate better the way of payment with the user than the online sites.

How to save money by buying smartphones

With or without operator agreement

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the carrier catalog is not the same as retail or online. Thus, with the operator you will find both launches and much older devices, and you will also notice the absence of some brands. In addition, the price charged in the store of the operator is very different from what we find in online stores or physical.

The price varies according to the plan, with the loyalty time and also with the condition of the contract. And when I say “condition of the contract”, I mean the points and purchases clubs made from the portability between operators. If you have been a particular carrier’s customer for some time, make sure you are participating in a rewards club.

Discounts with operators can also be obtained with change of plans, for example, when we leave the pre and migrate to the postpaid. In many cases, long-term postpaid customers get handsets for free and in return renew their loyalty period with the carrier.

Is it worth investing in a cheap model?

Yes, if you do not mind system updates and are looking for a temporary or good enough option to run social networks, use two SIM chips and watch TV – in some cases. There are many gadgets in this price range and few features differentiate them, so evaluate the reputation of these brands on specialized websites and forums.

An inexpensive smartphone is not always bad and it all depends on your research work. To not be disappointed with your choice, think about what you will actually use on the device and search for more information about it, as well as users’ opinions about the model.

So what model of our list would you buy if you were looking for a cheap handset? Do you think any handset was left out?

  1. The purpose of this article is to gather in one place all the best cheap smartphones up to $ 1,000. In this way, updating and republishing this matter will become necessary over time.
  2. Only models released between 2016 and 2017 were considered. Long term usability, hardware conditions and brand reputation were also evaluated.
  3. Only models sold officially in Brazil were considered.